AWAKE Mentorship Program

The AWAKE mentorship program* aims to engage the women in the automotive industry in a sustainable career development process that enhances their leadership capabilities, builds their strategic network, and provides a valuable benefit to them. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of women working in the automotive industry by providing them with opportunities to connect with other industry professionals.

Program Objectives

  • Improve the visibility of women in the automotive industry
  • Challenge existing gender stereotypes about women in the automotive industry
  • Provide guidance and support to those new in the industry and those considering a career change
  • Promote the many perks of a career in the automotive industry, including high salaries, pensions, benefits, and training

What's in it for mentors?

Develop advanced leadership, coaching, and mentoring skills

Be recognised as a leader

Build a strong and supportive network

Give back to the community in a meaningful way through supporting women working in the industry

Ideal mentors are:

  • Experienced in working in any area of automotive industry (not necessarily the most senior staff person).
  • Have a solid understanding of the automotive industry or have a very strategic understanding on how to research the industry.
  • Interested and enthusiastic about helping aspiring women working in the automotive industry.
  • Willing to draw on their own stories and experiences to assist others with career and leadership development.

What's in it for mentees?

Expand leadership knowledge and skills through professional development

Enhance self-confidence

Build a strong and supportive network

Gain insights and guidance to better tackle issues or challenges in the workplace

Ideal mentees are:

  • New (or not so new) to the automotive world, but passionate about growing their career in this industry.
  • Able to lead in setting the agenda, making contact, scheduling and planning for meetings.
  • Individuals with the desire to learn and share ideas.
  • Open-minded and  


*A commitment of two hours per month for a minimum of 6 months is expected. While this is primarily an online program, face-to-face communication is encouraged whenever possible.

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