Automotive Service Associate Program (ASAP)

The challenges facing today’s automotive service professional are exhaustive. Finding competent technicians who can contribute to your team, attracting customers and informing them of their repair and maintenance needs, along with regulatory hassles all need a sharp eye on your day to day business. But there are also longer-term demands such as facing your dealer competition along with investing in training, technology, and marketing, which can make a garage owner despair of finding enough hours in the week. 

About ASAP

The Automotive Service Associate Program (ASAP) is designed to give service professionals access to ‘the big picture’ such as critical trends in vehicle technology, Canada-wide research on shop performance benchmarks, the latest training packages and events as well as information to help you hire the best staff available. 

Why Join?

Joining AIA Canada’s new Automotive Service Associate Program can provide you with access to a host of solutions critical to your business success. Does your shop performance beat competitor benchmarks? Where can you find techs looking for work in your area? How much do you need to pay? How can you advertise your shop without major investments in marketing? How can you access modern training videos? All of these solutions and more are available now through ASAP – join today to help assure your success this week, next week and next year! 

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