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Access to Vehicle Data

Why this is a key file

 Access to vehicle data will support the sustainability of the aftermarket.

The elevator pitch 

The Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard (CASIS) agreement, also known as Right to Repair, was signed in 2009 and remains in place today. The agreement provides a framework for the voluntary sharing by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of their service and repair information with the automotive aftermarket.

Things have changed since the signing of the CASIS agreement. Vehicles are being equipped with telematics systems that give OEMs the ability to connect wirelessly to vehicles to send and receive information. This has the potential to give OEMs unprecedented access to consumers. For example, vehicle owners could be notified of required maintenance and directed to the dealership and software updates conducted remotely.

These, and other applications of telematics, have the potential to drive business away from independent shops and the suppliers that serve the aftermarket. Car owners could have fewer options of where they take their car to be serviced and a free and competitive auto care marketplace could be threatened.

It is unclear if the scope of the CASIS agreement covers the sharing of wireless data with the aftermarket. If not, amendments to the agreement or regulatory and legislative actions may need to be pursued.

The file in action

Testified before the Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications regarding access to vehicle information and the impacts it could have on the aftermarket and consumers.   Met with Brian Masse (MP, Windsor) during a federal lobby day. Masse was actively involved in the CASIS discussions that led to the signing of the memorandum of understanding.  
Delivered messaging on consumer right to choose to the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Government Services during a lobby day on Queen’s Park. Hosted a panel discussion, Not Your Father’s Chevy: The Potential Crisis for Owners of Hi-Tech Vehicles. Panellists discussed the potential impacts of telematics to the consumer and the aftermarket  


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