Hans McCorriston Grant

For additional information, please contact Didina Kyenge at (800) 808-2920 ext 231.

Our 2018 Hans McCorriston Grant Recipients:

  • Alexandre Chiasson (CCNB)
  • Simon Castro (BCIT)
  • Bryan Rodrigues (Assiniboine Community College)
  • Jacob Martin (Conestoga College)
  • Trent Shaw (NAIT)

Our 2017 Hans McCorriston Grant Recipients:

  • Logan Ross (NAIT)
  • Tobias Donaldson (BCIT)
  • Vincent D.P.D. Dounemene (CCNB)
  • Eric Larson (Conestoga College)
  • Clayton Bone (Assiniboine Community College)

Our 2016 Hans McCorriston Grant Recipients:

  • Kazan Unrau (Assiniboine Community College)
  • Maninder Singh Mathoda (BCIT)
  • Matthew Vansickle (Conestoga College)
  • Ghislain Cormier (Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick)
  • Megan Albert (NAIT)

Our 2015 Hans McCorriston Grant Recipients:

  • Nigel Reid Lumgair (Assiniboine Community College)
  • Thomas Sowinski (BCIT)
  • Wesley Arent Venema (Conestoga College)
  • Samuel Edgard Leblanc (Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick)
  • Kevin Olynyk (NAIT)

Our 2014 Hans McCorriston Grant Recipients:

  • Lucas Tufts (Assiniboine Community College)
  • Bruce Thompson (BCIT)
  • Martin Chiasson-Ward (Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick)
  • Amanda Riley (Conestoga College)
  • Dustin Archdeckin (NAIT)

Our 2013 Hans McCorriston Grant Recipients:

  • Leighton David Dyck (Assiniboine Community College)
  • Daniel Frey (BCIT)
  • Olivier Saurio (Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick)
  • Roman Pfaeffli (Conestoga College)
  • Nicholas Fryer (NAIT)

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