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The Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) is looking for stakeholder participation in its Community of Practice on Education and Workforce Development in the Automotive Aftermarket. What is a Community of Practice? The role of the Community of Practice is to bring together industry stakeholders, AIA staff and other third parties to exchange knowledge and […]

Ontario is transitioning to a circular economy. A circular economy “aims to maximize value and eliminate waste by improving the design of materials, products, and business models. A circular economy goes beyond recycling. The goal is not just to design for better end-of-life recovery, but to minimize the use of raw materials and energy through […]

It was a busy end to the month of March for Québec and Ontario as both provinces tabled their  budgets for 2018. Both Québec and Ontario are in election years – therefore the realization of items promised in each budget will depend on which way the vote goes. Your AIA Government Relations and Knowledge Hub Team […]

At the beginning of March, AIA Canada was invited to participate in an in-person consultation session with Employment and Social Development Canada’s (ESDC).  AIA, along with stakeholders from education, industry, skilled trade associations and provincial and territorial apprenticeship jurisdictions, provided feedback to ESDC on how federal funds should be invested in the development of a […]

In an effort to engage industry stakeholders in AIA Canada’s two key government relation files, AIA introduced the Community of Practice: Fair Access to Vehicle Data and the Community of Practice: Education and Workforce Development. The two communities bring stakeholders together in a virtual space to exchange information and knowledge on the group’s file of […]