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At the end of August, the United States and Mexico reached an agreement to revise portions of the NAFTA agreement. While the NAFTA negotiations had been rocky from the start– Canada’s position suddenly went from bad to worse. Two threats were being levied: a bilateral deal instead of a trilateral deal and auto tariffs. The […]

AIA Canada signed a joint position statement on the NAFTA renegotiation with its automotive aftermarket counterparts from the U.S. (AutoCare) and Mexico (ARIDRA). The letter was submitted to the office of the United States Trade Representative. Under NAFTA’s Chapter 11, Investor-State Dispute Settlement, a corporation can sue the national government of a NAFTA signatory in secret […]

On July 17, 2017 the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative released its Summary of Objectives for the NAFTA Renegotiation. The objectives set the tone for the upcoming NAFTA renegotiation talks between Mexico, Canada and the U.S. that could begin as early as August 16, 2017. What are some of the goals of the U.S.? […]

**UPDATE** On June 12, AIA hosted a conference call with Steve Verheul, Canada’s Chief Trade Negotiator for the NAFTA Negotiations. During the call, Mr. Verheul stressed the importance of obtaining information from the aftermarket industry; this information would inform the negotiating teams approach to the NAFTA renegotiations. Information being sought from the industry includes: Partnerships […]