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(en anglais seulement) CCIF FNOL Assignment Project reaches major milestone through collaboration of Auto Insurers and Collision Repairers

Ottawa, ON, November 25, 2015 -Throughout 2015, the Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF) has led the first ever collaborative project of auto insurers and repairers focused on advances for the industry and consumers. The initiative will streamline a portion of the pre-repair claim process to improve customer experience and industry productivity. With a focus on the First Notice of Loss Assignment, the CCIF has brought together leading repairers and insurers to drive substantial improvement in customer satisfaction, number of rental days and total days from accident to return to the customer. For the industry, the goals are to get the car in faster and out faster, and reduce the need for calls and emails throughout the process. For repairers, a reduction in non-productive labour costs is a vital objective.

In an exciting development, five of Canada’s leading automobile insurers have agreed to 18 items that will form the basis of a common FNOL assignment to repairers. Building on multiple industry meetings and individual discussions with 10 insurers and repairers who collectively represent over 60% of collision repairs, CCIF secured the agreement in a September 9 meeting held in Toronto. Since the agreement, other insurers have indicated their intention to adopt the shared 18 items listed below as separate fields in their FNOL assignment to repairers.

While all insurers will continue to maintain individual approaches to the First Notice of Loss, participating insurers will adopt all of the critical items listed below as separate fields as system changes permit. This is a major milestone to improving the collision claim and repair process for customers and the industry.

First Assignment Critical Item List

  1. Insured’s Name, clearly itemized into First & Last Names

  2. Insured’s phone numbers

  3. Insured’s Physical Address

  4. Insured’s Email Address

  5. Adjuster’s Name

  6. Adjuster’s Email

  7. Adjuster’s Phone Number(s)

  8. Claim Number

  9. Date of Loss (DOL)

  10. Deductible Amount

  11. Coverage for Rental

    • Yes or No

  1. Policy Endorsements

  2. Rental Vehicle Already Acquired or Arranged

  • Yes or No

  • Rental Company

  • Rental Confirmation #

  1. HST or GST Exemption

  • Yes or No

  1. Vehicle Status

  • Drivable or Non-Drivable

  1. Claim Without Prejudice

  • Yes or No

  1. Type of Loss

  • Drop down of IBC Codes

  1. Area of Damages (Driver’s Side, Front End, Rear End, etc.)

The Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF) provides a national venue for all collision industry stakeholders- collision repairers, suppliers, insurers, associations, OE’s, and educators - to network, share information, and collaborate to develop solutions to common industry issues and challenges.