AIA Canada’s Quebec Division highlights the 10th anniversary of the CLÉ VERTE program

AIA Canada’s Quebec Division is happy to contribute to the success of the CLÉ VERTE program, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

The president of the Quebec Division, Mr. André Latreille, and the members of its board of directors allocated an amount of $1,000 to support the CLÉ VERTE voluntary environmental certification program.

According to Mr. Latreille, the support given to the CLÉ VERTE program sends shop owners the powerful message that our industry encourages the best existing practices to protect the environment.

CLÉ VERTE currently includes more than 780 certified automotive service shops and is now one of the largest automotive repair shop groups in the province, across all banners and associations!

This unique Canadian program was created at the automotive industry’s request to support shops in:

  • improving their environmental performance;

  • increasing their workers’ health and safety;

  • obtaining recognition of their good environmental practices with their customers.

The CLÉ VERTE certification assures consumers that the certified shop where they bring their vehicle uses the best current environmental practices.

To learn more about the CLÉ VERTE program, visit: