AIA Quebec Division holds AIA Canada Day

The Quebec Division hosted “AIA Canada Day” on March 21, with the goal of introducing students in auto mechanics and body repair programs at vocational training centers to the work done by AIA Canada and the aftermarket industry in general. Patrick Saint-Pierre, head of the Quebec Division's succession committee, accompanied by Mario Comtois, Élisabeth Lambert, Jonathan Adam, Réjean Lortie and Vincent Nicoletti helped inform students about the aftermarket and its related career opportunities.

Two virtual presentations, moderated by AIA Canada President Jean-François Champagne, were organized for the students, followed by in person testimonials from members of the Quebec Division management committee and business owners of the aftermarket.

These presentations were held in collaboration with teachers from four vocational training centers, including Yves Thibert ( ÉMÉMM), Jean Rénald Jeune (CFP Verdun), Frédéric Cyr ( École des métiers spécialisés de Laval), and Jonathan Bourque, pedagogical advisor from the Centre Daniel-Johnson,

A total of 430 students attended the presentations. Many had prepared questions and showed great interest in hearing from people in the industry about their careers.

The Quebec Division has already planned another AIA Canada Day in September 2022.