BC Division Update – Service Provider Activities

Among other initiatives, the new BC Division has been working to support AIA’s focus on Automotive Service Providers (ASPs). To that end, an evening meeting was held on January 12th to which a number of ASPs were invited to exchange points of view about “What keeps you awake at night?” The meeting was facilitated by Greg Sims, AIA Executive Director for Western Canada and focused on the participants’ thoughts and concerns about running their businesses and what was happening in the industry in general.

After two hours of animated discussion, a list of sixteen (16) issues had been generated. The top three (labour rates too low; training and equipment upgrades and costs; and the cost of doing business) were then passed on to Bob Greenwood for the next stage of the ASP program.

Bob is a well-known and well-respected consultant and speaker who has been working on the betterment of the automotive aftermarket for the better part of forty years. He is also a member of the BC Division who offered to take the information gained on January 12th and, without cost, put together a presentation for ASPs and jobbers. The Division arranged a first presentation for February 15th at a cost of $99 per attendee. This cost covered dinner with the rest of the proceeds going to the Division’s charity raising efforts.

Bob’s presentation was a resounding hit. He started out by showing the attendees how fast the industry is changing and how much faster it will continue to change. He then provided examples on how to calculate operating efficiencies; how to calculate labour rates required to generate reasonable profits; and other action-oriented points. He stressed the need for the owners present to spend time working on these items and less on their usual daily tasks. The forty (40) attendees unanimously agreed the evening’s information was timely, right on the mark, of excellent value, and contained ideas that should be made available to other service providers.

The Division is now looking at a date in March for Bob to give his presentation to yet another room full of service providers interested in solving some of the challenges that keep them awake at night.

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