An important update as the fight for access to your car's data continues

JUL 19, 2021 — Since the launch of our petition in November 2020, we have gained nearly 27,000 signatures on the platform from passionate Canadians and automotive aftermarket businesses that care immensely about car data being in the hands of car owners.

Where We Stand Today

AIA Canada did not stop at a general petition. We went a step further by filing a petition to bring the message forward to Canada's House of Commons (HoC). Today, petitions constitute one of the most direct means of communication between the people and Parliament.

To publish a petition, a Member of Parliament must sponsor it. On May 11th, 2021, MP James Cumming (Conservative, Edmonton Centre) agreed to sponsor our petition. With the support from our industry champions, we obtained the 500 signatures needed to have the petition tabled in Parliament. To date, the HoC petition has garnered over 900 signatures. Once the government reconvenes from summer recess, the next steps will include the tabling of the petition, after which the government will issue a response.

What You Can Do In The Meantime

Help us continue to amplify the message! Without control of car data, Canadians may face fewer options regarding who services their cars and higher costs for repairs. Your voice is an extension of our voice. Spread awareness with others in your network by using our premade social media posts that encourage Canadians to sign the petition.