Environmental policies on vehicles have traditionally focused on fuel efficiency and end-of-pipe emissions, while waste management, resource consumption, and toxicity issues persist with not so much attention from governments, regulators, and industry.

A complete understanding of these issues requires attention to the materials and toxicity impacts of automobiles at each stage of the product life cycle, including design, manufacturing, purchasing, use, repair and end-of-life.

AIA believes that the companies in the aftermarket industry must be good corporate citizens and do whatever is reasonably possible to protect the environment. In addition to encouraging them to adhere to government regulations and legislation on the environment, AIA also advises consumers to adopt best environmental practices by offering expert insights on preventative regular vehicle maintenance through the Be Car Care Aware program.

AIA also believes that the government should ensure funding is available for aftermarket companies involved in re-manufacturing- a Canadian niche area of expertise; provide tax incentives for environmentally friendly activities such as re-manufacturing; and that government and industry should work together to develop and bring to market technologies to address climate change.  AIA would also like to see the harmonization of environmental legislation between the provinces and within North America.

AIA also supports vehicle emissions testing to help ensure the reduction of automotive pollutants in the atmosphere. AIA members are also proactive in their reclamation of CFC refrigerants, used batteries, used tires, and in a number of other initiatives.


To demonstrate its commitment to the environment AIA members are currently involved in a number of used oil and used oil filter reclamation programs in those provinces that support such a program.

Ontario: link

Quebec: link1 and link2

Recycle New Brunswick: link

Nova Scotia: link

British Columbia, BCUOMA: link

Saskatchewan, SAARC:  link

Newfoundland: link

Prince Edward Island: link


National Used Oil Management Association, UOMA

Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

Canadian Environmental Protection Act

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