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September 22, 2022

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Curbside Chat Season 3 Episode 1 | What it takes to adapt to servicing EVs


Join AIA Canada Chairman Jason Yurchak for a new season of Curbside Chat!

Curbside Chat, is a video podcast series where important issues of the aftermarket in Canada are discussed with the people who make things happen. With the aim to engage with AIA Canada members across the country, the Curbside Chat virtual platform is designed with audience participation in mind. This is your opportunity to interact with our Chairman and his special guests from across the aftermarket industry.

Podcast guestChris Besemer, Owner & President – CG Motorsports
Topic: What it takes to adapt to servicing EVs

About Chris Besemer

From a young age, Chris had a passion for cars. He built his first custom VW with his dad when he was 14 years old – a 1967 Beetle. Not long after completing it, he started work on his first major project, a 1976 Scirocco with a custom paint job, wheels, widebody kit, interior, exhaust etc. That car sat in the garage until Chris’ 16th birthday when he got his drivers license.

After graduating from high school, Chris found his first full-time job at Autowest BMW. Starting out as an apprentice technician, he worked his way up the ranks and soon found himself working alongside some of the top BMW technicians in Canada. On the side, Chris continued to build and modify cars and it wasn’t long before he became known for amazing work and started helping others with their projects. What began as a hobby and passion was quickly turning into a business so Chris began marking his cars with the initials CG (Chris Georg) in recognition of the work him and his father had started years earlier.

After ten years at BMW Chris noticed that at the dealer level, BMW was not interested in offering any sort of performance or modification options for their customers and people were forced to go to other shops for inferior work. So in 1999 Chris opened CG Motorsports, an independent VW and BMW performance shop. 2019 marks 20 years in business and while a lot has changed, one thing still remains top priority for Chris – providing customers with a quality service shop with integrity and value.

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