Trudeau Selects His Top Advisors to Head Cabinet

On October 26th, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his cabinet – the body of ministerial advisors that sets the federal government’s policies and priorities for the country. A big win for the automotive aftermarket industry was François-Philippe Champagne remaining Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry – a minister that AIA Canada has developed a solid relationship with.

Other notable Cabinet Ministers with whom AIA Canada will continue to work closely include:

The new cabinet features nine fresh faces, two of whom were first elected in 2021. The cabinet now includes 38 ministers, plus the Prime Minister, and remains gender-balanced. Reflecting the times, new ministerial posts for housing and mental health and addictions were added.

A benefit for our industry are changes made to the management of the seven Regional Development Agencies across Canada that work closely with businesses and innovators in their regions to fuel economic growth. Prior to the election, one minster was responsible for managing all seven. Now, responsibility falls under six different ministers. This is expected to make it easier for businesses and industry innovators to access federal funding – particularly important for the industry at a time when it is preparing for change.

Combatting climate change is a key government priority. The government wants to reduce emissions by 40-45% by 2030 and is making 100% zero-emission vehicle sales mandatory by 2035.  We can expect more ministers to have climate-related items fall under their mandates and more opportunities to collaborate with government on initiatives that prepare and equip the industry for the emerging green economy.

In the weeks ahead, AIA Canada will be focused on communicating our key priorities and meeting with target Ministers and Members of Parliament. This work has already begun.

The delivery of Mandate Letters is expected in the coming days/weeks, which will outline specific ministerial policy priorities. Parliament is set to resume on November 22nd, with a Speech from the Throne.