COVID-19 Weekly Update — April 20

Wage Subsidy – Are there any other updates about key federal programs?

The first payments for the wage subsidy program that provides 75% wage subsidy to eligible employers will start to be distributed by the end of the first week of May.

Eligible employers will be able to apply for the CEWS through the Canada Revenue Agency's My Business Account portal. 

For detailed information about the program, visit:



What Does an Economic Stimulus for the Automotive Industry Look Like?

Stakeholders in Canada’s automotive industry have made recommendations as to what a stimulus package for the industry should look like.

For example, the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) has called for a job-loss insurance which covers vehicle payments for those who become unemployed, as well as a vehicle scrappage program and sales tax holiday for new vehicle purchases.

If you have thoughts that you would like to share regarding a stimulus package, both aftermarket specific and automotive industry as a whole, they can be sent to:

Read more about CADA’s positions on economic stimulus here:

Keep Up-To-Date on COVID-19 in Your Region

A reminder of the COVID-19 Provincial Updates (and federal) file that AIA Canada has developed to keep stakeholders up-to-date on COVID-19.

Check out the file here.