AIA Canada Starts the Year with a New Report on Industry Innovation

Innovation, emerging technologies, disruptors, new mobilities – call it what you will, the fact is, the automotive industry is changing at a rapid pace that will invariably influence the aftermarket sector. Non-traditional players like Tesla and Google have raised the stakes even higher by showing that service industries can also build cars and how!

While some may view the service industries edging into traditionally blue-collar industries as taboo, the key word here is collaboration. The aftermarket can ride this new wave of technology in a way that is sustainable for their businesses, and it starts with getting a clear understanding of the situation. To bridge this gap, AIA Canada is releasing its latest report, 'The Changing Automotive Landscape: An Introduction’ that offers a straightforward look at the technological advancements.

We are committed to demystifying the new technologies and their possible impact on the aftermarket sector. This report is part of a broader project that is scheduled for this year, where we delve deeper into what these advancements mean for the automotive aftermarket and what would be the best strategies to adopt for your business in this changing climate.

‘The Changing Automotive Landscape: An Introduction’ is free for AIA Canada members and for those interested in the automotive industry.

Cost: FREE

Download the executive summary.

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