The AIA and GAAS Scholarship Program Now Under New Name, Accepting Applications

For more than twenty years, the Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) Scholarship Program provided funds to students in the aftermarket. In late 2016, GAAS was dissolved as was its scholarship program. However, we are happy to announce that a similar program has been created by AIA Canada and the University of the Aftermarket Foundation to take its place.

Please note that the scholarship amount, application process and the criteria for the scholarship have not changed. Information on the scholarship program can be found on the AIA website.

Now Accepting Automotive Scholarship Applications!

Click to download the application form

Deadline June 15, 2017

If you have any additional questions about our scholarship programs, please speak to Didina Kyenge (
For more information about the University of the Aftermarket Foundation, visit or contact Barbara Cunningham at 816-584-0511 or