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The automotive industry is abuzz with talk of technological change. Self-driving cars, autonomous vehicles, telematics - all new technologies that will create massive disruption. The core of this change centers on the convergence of four technologies, 'Connected', 'Autonomous', 'Shared', 'Electric' or 'CASE' platform, where people will be able to access their mobility cheaply through pay-as-you-go systems and not ever have to worry about their vehicle again.


'Disruptors in the Automotive Aftermarket: Road Map Towards a Sustainable Future' goes a step further when talking about technological disruptors. Written specifically with the aftermarket industry in mind, it deals with the tough questions. Questions such as, 'How will these technological changes affect the automotive aftermarket industry in Canada?'; 'What is the timeline?'; and most importantly, 'What can the industry do to take advantages of opportunities and avoid any pitfalls?'

It doesn't stop there. This report provides a clear roadmap for the major segments in the industry, along with a timeline of how this change may occur. This report is a must-have for your business, helping you navigate a changing industry and coming out on top!
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