ASP Council Expands, Forming Two Task Forces

The ASP Council met by conference call on December 8th, 2016. The Council welcomed seven new ASPs to the group including Ronald Tremblay, The Garage (Vancouver);  Ben Lalonde, Orleans Autopro (Ottawa); Bruce Eccles, Eccles Garage (Toronto); Darryl Croft, OK Tire (Etobicoke); Don Klassen, Crestview Auto (Saskatoon); Shirley Mitchell, Coast Tire (Saint John)and Alan Beech, Beech Motorworks (Hamilton). It was announced that Ronald Tremblay has agreed to take on the role of Chairman of the ASP Council for a one year term.  The council discussed a number of issues and from the discussions two task forces have been struck to look at various issues. The next meeting of the Council will be in late January.