Automotive Materials Stewardship Inc. proposes to establish an Industry Stewardship Plan with respect to antifreeze, oil containers and oil filters

Automotive Materials Stewardship (AMS) was established to develop and submit an Industry Stewardship Plan (ISP) for Waste Diversion Ontario’s approval in response to a request from stewards of antifreeze, oil containers, oil filters (collectively “automotive materials”). The consultation period for the ISP has closed and it is expected that Waste Diversion Ontario will make a decision to approve the ISP within the next two months. Details about AMS and a copy of the draft ISP are available at

There are several key benefits of an ISP for automotive materials, which include:

  • Cost savings of approximately $2.5 million per year

  • Predictable and published fee rates (ISPs are not subject to the cost recovery requirements of O. Reg. 11/12)

  • Equal to or greater environmental performance to the current MHSW Program

The ISP developed by AMS ensures no disruptions for stewards or service providers since AMS will use the WeRecycle reporting system, the same one used by Stewardship Ontario. In addition, AMS will assume the automotive materials supply chain from Stewardship Ontario to ensure no disruption in collection and recycling services.

Stewards of antifreeze, oil containers and oil filters that wish to participate in the ISP should submit a letter of intent (downloadable here). Stewards must opt to proactively join the ISP, as by default stewards that do not join will remain with Stewardship Ontario and will not receive the benefits of the ISP.

Contact for more details.