Call for Participants - AIA Community of Practice on Education and Workforce Development

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) is looking for stakeholder participation in its Community of Practice on Education and Workforce Development in the Automotive Aftermarket.

What is a Community of Practice?

The role of the Community of Practice is to bring together industry stakeholders, AIA staff and other third parties to exchange knowledge and information, and to discuss issues of common concern or interest. The goal is to identify priorities for the sector and potential solutions to address common concerns. It also provides AIA staff with industry and stakeholder knowledge that can inform lobbying activities at the provincial and federal levels.

What is the focus of the Education and Workforce Development in the automotive aftermarket Community of Practice?

  • Labour Market Information ( both collision and mechanical repair)

    1. Data collection from industry

    2. Data collection from education sector

    3. Government LMI demands

  • Training of Current Workforce (both collision and mechanical repair)

    1. Employment insurance funding of apprenticeship programs

    2. Red Seal harmonization

    3. Re-skilling of current workforce

    4. Canada job grant

  • Workforce of the future (both collision and mechanical repair)

    1. New skills identification

    2. Recruitment/Awareness

What is the time commitment if I participate in the Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice is a time limited project with precise outcomes (to be identified by the community of practice). Participation will require attending conference or video calls on a monthly basis for approximately 6 months.

What happens during the meetings?

The Community of Practice is managed by AIA staff. Meetings will be organized by AIA staff and structured (when possible) as follows: opening remarks; roll call (captured using conferencing tech); info/knowledge exchange session; questions; informal group discussion; and closing remarks. Efforts will be made to have industry stakeholders and third-parties present their knowledge of issues related to the key topic during the info/knowledge exchange portion of meetings.

When will the first call be scheduled?

We anticipate that the first call will take place in late April or early May 2018.

Who can participate?

Participation in the Community of Practice is open to industry stakeholders, third parties and AIA members who have an interest and/or stake in the topic matter of the meeting. AIA Canada reserves the right to limit the number of participants and to decline participant applications at their discretion.

I am interested, how do I apply?

To apply for participation in this Community of Practice please contact Erin Chreptyk at