New Car Dealer Landscape 2021

The dealer network forms an important part of the aftermarket supply chain structure. Aftermarket businesses benefit from knowing the number of new car dealerships and volume of new vehicle sales. It helps them understand what types of vehicles will be coming their way for repair, service, and maintenance in the years to come. The trends that impact the dealer network are also closely linked with those of aftermarket businesses. Aftermarket service providers face many of the same challenges as dealers as well as the challenges resulting from the policies and actions adopted by OEMs and their dealerships. But with longer lead times to adapt, it is in the best interest of our industry to get a good grasp of the dealer landscape in order to prepare for future trends.

AIA’s latest report title, New Car Dealer Landscape – 2021 discusses some of the major factors that will impact dealership operations in both the near and longer term, such as:

  • Vehicle Electrification
  • New and Non-Traditional Competition
  • Digitalization of Operations
  • Alternatives to Vehicle Ownership
  • Business Consolidation
  • OEM Obligations
  • Economic Trends
  • Climate Change Response
  • Autonomous Technology

These factors, along with others, have the potential to substantially disrupt the status quo, for better or for worse. Which way it goes depends on what actions are taken. This Landscape Report addresses the most urgent of those impacts expected in the short term.

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