Changes to the AIA Quebec Division Committee Announced!

AIA Canada is pleased to announce that as of October 25 André Latreille has taken on the role of chair for the AIA Quebec Mr. Latreille joined NAPA in 2010 and presently serves as the regional manager of its Dedicated Sales Force in Quebec. Previously, he worked for 15 years for Ultramar where he developed marketing and sales programs aimed at motorists. Fluently bilingual, André is a professional manager with many outstanding accomplishments in the sales, marketing and business development fields. Throughout his career, he has contributed to the success of companies such as Sergaz, Couche-Tard and Texaco, drawing on his strategic business acumen, his staff management capabilities and his knowledge of sales. He has been a member of the AIA Quebec Division executive committee since 2011 and was its first vice-chairman from 2014 to 2016. Congratulations and thank you to André on your new role with the AIA Quebec Division.