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As the association representing the automotive aftermarket in Canada we come across many myths surrounding this industry.


Careers in the aftermarket are for those who don't do well in school.


The automotive aftermarket industry is full of smart, dynamic people who have excelled at school and worked hard to obtain their professional designations and continue to strive academically.

AutoConnex Solution: Career Profiles

Interviews of industry professionals that showcase their career paths and what attracted them to work for this industry.


I can only work as a car mechanic in the aftermarket industry.


The aftermarket industry offers a variety of rewarding job prospects. From the skilled trades to management positions, this industry offers exciting opportunities in a number of fields.
AutoConnex Solution: Occupation Descriptions 

Detailed compensation and demographic information on 14 occupations in the industry.


This is not a viable industry for women.


30 years ago that would have been true. But things are changing at a fast pace! Cars today are complex structures that require STEM (science, technical, engineering, math) skills to maintain and repair. With fewer students entering the skilled trades and more people retiring, women are a huge part of the aftermarket industry's future.
AutoConnex Solution: Gender Diversity 

Throughout the website, you will find stats and profiles of women reaching new heights in the aftermarket industry.

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