Congrats to this year’s UofAF Scholarship Recipients!

For more than twenty years, the Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) Scholarship Program provided funds to students in the aftermarket. In late 2016, GAAS was dissolved as was its scholarship program. However, we are happy to announce that a similar program has been created by AIA Canada and the University of the Aftermarket Foundation (UofAF) to take its place.

For the first time this year, the UofAF, through AIA Canada, awarded 7 Canadian students with an amount of $1,000 each along with the possibility for any previous recipient who entered employment after the completion of their studies, an additional $1,000 grant.

AIA Canada is pleased to present the first recipients of the 2017 UofAF Scholarship Award:

Nathan Chun Kit Siu – Carleton University
David Warnez Woolridge – University of Windsor
Gregory Gordon Maki – Superior SVI High School
Ashton Joel Buller – University of Alberta
Emily Marian Shibata – University of British Columbia
Alexander L.E. Tatti – UBC Allard School of Law
Kevin Zhang - McMaster University

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