Mapping Out the Labour Market in Our Industry

The advancement of technology increases the complexity of our vehicles, and in turn the skills and talent required in the industry are MarketResearchchanging. AIA recognizes the importance of having access to useful and timely labour market information to support these changes, so we're embarking on a project to develop an online tool that will track labour in the industry.

The online tool will provide a significant impact for the industry as it will:

  • Identify the availability of workers in the industry by region and occupation;

  • Improve the connection of people and jobs;

  • Support the development of educational programs;

  • Allow the industry to anticipate future labour shortages;

  • Determine the skills needed to meet the growing changes in the industry as a result of technological automotive vehicles.

Call for Participants!

This project, formally known as Aftermarket Labour Market Intelligence (ALMI), will consist of two (2) core phases, with the final product expected to launch in early 2018. Here's how you can get involved in the development of this tool that will be essential for industry employees and employers, job seekers, and students!

Phase #1:

  • Survey: Help us identify the human resources challenges in your workplace

  • Focus groups: Come chat about the initial findings

  • Interviews: Talk to us about your HR Challenges

Phase #2:

  • Participate in the user-testing workshops of the online tool

Please contact Nermin Ibrahim, ALMI Project Coordinator, to get involved:

Tel: 613.728.5821 ext.239