This May get involved in Car Care Month on Social Media

Ottawa - May 1, 2016 - Winter has been hard on your car – among other things, the cold temperatures and icy conditions have taken a toll on your belts and hoses, brakes, and exhaust system. Though you may not notice these changes, they can put your car at risk of breaking down.

Small car problems have a tendency to become major ones at the most inopportune moments. Most Canadians report that they do not budget for repairs, so these surprise car troubles put them at risk of being stuck with a hefty garage bill they can’t afford. Avoid getting caught off guard – invest a little in a thorough inspection and basic maintenance now to avoid major damage, prepare financially for upcoming repairs, and ensure your safety.

To help you remember to give your car a little extra TLC come spring time, Be Car Care Aware created Car Care Month. Throughout the month of May, we use our website, blog, and social media channels to raise awareness about the importance of regular preventative maintenance and encourage Canadians to take better care of their cars. Get involved! Share our special Car Care Month postcards on Twitter and Facebook, tell us your stories, and send us your car care tips with #carcare.

About Be Car Care Aware

The Be Car Care Aware (BCCA) program was launched in Canada in 2004 by the Automotive Industries Association of Canada, with the support of its sister program in the U.S. operated by the Car Care Council. The program promotes the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance and repairs by providing information, tools and resources to both the public and the automotive service and repair industry.

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