Reconnecting at the AIA Canada Quebec Division Golf Tournament

On Thursday, May 26, 104 golfers joined together in the first golf tournament of the season where they had the chance to reconnect with players from all sectors of the aftermarket industry. They were joined by another twenty people for the cocktail and dinner.

During the dinner, Interim President Élisabeth Lambert, thanked the guests on behalf of the Quebec division of AIA Canada, for the strong turnout. She also thanked the committee volunteers with a special shout out to Daniel Boyer for organizing the tournament for the fifteenth time.

I Am AIA Canada

Élisabeth went on to explain the "I am AIA Canada" campaign that will be officially launched at the Grand Forum on December 15.

"These four words that are important for the future of the aftermarket. These four words represent the commitment that I, the members of the committee, and you are making from this point forward, to ensure the future of our industry. Your presence here today is a testament to that commitment. The challenges are great: succession; training, and the right to repair. These three fundamental concepts are the foundation of our mission. They require the commitment of all of us to make a real difference."

The Next Generation

Patrick Saint-Pierre, head of the Succession Committee, shared a live virtual presentation to four trade schools, reaching 400 students. This was followed by in-person testimonies of the career paths of secondary market players demonstrating the different career possibilities. The event, called AIA Day, will be held again in September with ten PSCs for which 40 testimonials will be needed.

The Grand Forum

Réjean Lortie, who is responsible for the organization of the Grand Forum, gave an overview of the event and is counting on everyone's collaboration to bring together 450 participants.

Giving Back

Finally, it should be mentioned that $2,220 was raised during the tournament and will be donated to the Raymond Savard Bursary, aimed at supporting the graduates of our professional training centers.