Show Your Ride Contest

Show-Your-RideDo you belong to that group of 1-in-4 people who name their cars? And why not! There is a mysterious bond that forms as you drive during that crazy rush hour when your car becomes the confidante who listens patiently; or as you pray fervently for it to not break down on that much-needed road trip; or it could well be a case of plain old love-at-first-sight when you saw that beauty in the showroom. The stories are endless!

So if you have an Ol’ Faithful, Betty, Bessie, Bob, or Buddy in your life, then take part in our ‘Show Your Ride’ contest. A brand new addition to the AIA Ontario Innovative Business Series, this contest allows event registrants to showcase their own personal vehicles and share the story of why they are proud of their ride. In addition to bragging rights, there are great prizes to be won!

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