UPCOMING REPORT - Providing you new direction on workforce data

Need information on demographic trends in the industry? Want to find out about labour market trends, gaps, and occupations that are in high demand and in what region? And the crowd-favourite - compensation and wage levels!

Did you know that there is no centralized resource for aftermarket labour data? Statistics Canada, industry publications, market research firms - all provide macro level economic data that is sporadic and does not capture the industry accurately.

For this reason, AIA Canada launched a groundbreaking labour market intelligence project for the automotive aftermarket in Canada. The outcome of this project is to support the industry with pertinent labour market data that is crucial for success. AIA Canada's upcoming report, 'Labour Market Watch: Status of the Mechanical and Collision Sectors in Canada' is a first-step in that direction. What emerges is a clear picture of the workforce composition of the industry, along with data on gender, education, training and other demographic information.

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