A New Video Helps Aftermarket Professionals Get the Most Out of AIA Canada’s ?Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice.™ Website

When we launched the Your Car.Your Data.Your Choice.™ campaign in Canada, we wanted to make sure that there was a one stop site where any automotive aftermarket professional who was concerned about vehicle data could go to learn more about the issue and about how to take action to protect the future of our industry. That’s why we’re proud to present AIA Canada’s Your Car.Your Data.Your Choice.™ webpage.
On this easy to use site, you’ll find everything you need to join the fight to protect your industry and your business by protecting the rights of vehicle owners to decide where they get their vehicles serviced. These resources include educational information, infographics, and social media posts you can use to help spread the message to your friends, colleagues, and customers.
To make navigating the website even easier, we’ve released a walkthrough video, illustrating how to get the most out of our website. 
In the video, you’ll learn:
This website was designed to be a tool that aftermarket professionals across the country can use to stand up for their industry and to encourage their customers to stand up for their rights. The resources detailed in the video are free for anyone to use to help spread the word.