Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are a great way of developing social capital, nurturing new knowledge, stimulating discussion, and sharing knowledge. They represent a group of professionals that have the expertise and willingness to work towards a common issue/s and find solutions. AIA Canada taps into CoPs to provide our members and stakeholders with quality knowledge products and services that have been vetted by industry experts.

AIA Canada thanks the CoP members for the generous contribution of their time and expertise.

AIA Canda's current CoPs:

Consumer Behaviour Series

The 2019 Consumer Behaviour Series is a market research study to better understand specific consumer attitudes towards e-tailing, repair and maintenance, and in-vehicle data. The series is a reiteration of the 2016 quantitative research where over 2000 Canadian car owners were surveyed. Industry stakeholders who are part of shaping this research piece to its final form are:

  • Michael Rutherford, CEO, OK Tire
  • Kristi Dubeau, Marketing Manager, Fountain Tire
  • Alexandra Goupil, Category Manager, Spectra Premium
  • Julie Andaloro, Communications Manager, Mevotech
  • Melissa Arbour, Associate Vice President, Canadian Tire
  • Darrly Croft, General Manager, OK Tire
  • Denise Gohl-Eacrett, Director of Brand & Customer Experience, Fountain Tire
  • Andrew Shepherd, Senior Director, AIA Canada
  • Luciana Nechita, Senior Director, AIA Canada

The CoP lead for Consumer Behaviour Series is: Shamsia Quraishi, Knowledge Transfer Specialist

Education and workforce development

The goal of AIA Canada through this CoP is to understand the perimeters we are working with when it comes to engaging with the federal government as we develop our education and workforce develop agenda with the help of industry veterans and experts. This CoP is comprised of the following members:

  • Shannon Trites, Automotive Sector Council 
  • Jean Falcon, Canadian Tire 
  • David Lange,  Ideal Supply 
  • Derek Vezeau, Boreal College 
  • Ralph Ruffo, Durham College
  • Sophie Pepin, Fix Auto 
  • Paul Prochilo, Simplicity Care
  • John Wrigley Thompson River University  
  • Jason Dale, Georgian College 
The CoP lead for Education & Workforce Development is: Erin Chreptyk, Policy and Government Affairs Analyst

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